What do you crave?

All this week, I’ve had a craving for broccoli. And all this week, I’ve eaten eaten broccoli.

Broccoli slaw with sesame peanut dressing, steamed broccoli with salt and pepper, broccoli stir fry, broccoli cheddar soup, broccoli tempura. If it had broccoli, I ate it. But broccoli isn’t the standard craving most people talk about. My friends want chocolate, greasy burgers and fries, food from their home countries.What makes us crave the foods we do?

I found an article that interpreted your personality from your food cravings. (Sidenote: Inadvertently, linking my personality with my food has become a common theme in this blog. If you haven’t already, take a look at what your eating habits say about you and what your spice tolerance says about you.) The article also mentioned some of the science behind cravings, and how each craving is a way for your body to signal that it needs certain nutrients. For example, if you have consistent chocolate cravings, it may be a sign that your body needs more magnesium. And if you want that big, greasy burger with fries, you probably just need to drink more milk (might be a sign that you need more calcium).

I then stumbled upon this chart that neatly explains what your body really wants with each craving, and the healthy food options that supply what your body needs. However, as a word of a warning, I would read that chart with a grain of salt. According to the given information, you can satisfy a craving for recreational drugs by drinking potato peel broth.

But none of this explains why I spent a week craving broccoli. Though I have yet to find an answer beyond speculation in forums and blogs, I did find this delightful post from a woman who dreamed of broccoli.

What do you guys crave?




  1. I love the cravings substitution chart! All weekend, as I’ve been preparing for my capstone defense, I’ve been craving sweets. As it turns out, I could have nipped that craving in the bud with some tasty liver and horseradish!

  2. I can completely understand your craving for broccoli. If I don’t eat some type of greens (I’m an extremely picky eater and don’t like salads), I’ll crave it. I usually just stir-fry it with some soy sauce to add some flavor/salt.

  3. Kalyani Phansalkar

    I went to Paris for spring break and after 10 days of constant pastry-cheese-bread-chocolate eating, I was glad to have some spicy curry when I got home. Of course, I didn’t complain about the overload of Parisian pastries, but still, it didn’t quite satisfy my craving for home food 🙂 Thanks for sharing the chart!

  4. For some bizarre reason, I crave thai food ALL the time. I thought it was just a phase, but it seems to have lasted a few years….and I highly doubt that has anything to do with my body needing nutrients (green curry, anyone?)

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